Metaphorsight is what I call the ability to see – with your eyes, with your mind, your nose, skin, ears, etc – that reality is not entirely what it appears to be.

“Everything,” a wise man once said, “is metaphor.” And every metaphor reflects some aspect of the cosmos. A tree, a bird, a man, an emotion, they all tell us something about the world we live in. But when we try to know what these things mean, what they are, then we had better take a lesson from poetry. In poetry, there are no facts, no literal interpretations, no truths, no beliefs, no realities until you CHOOSE them to be so. And you choose them from the infinite possibilities that each metaphor – each aspect of this universe – represents. So is the tree beautiful and green? What about if it were winter, would it be the same? Things change, moods change, and our needs change. If we let the metaphor remain a metaphor – open instead of fixed in meaning – then we can have an open perception of the world.

Everything you perceive is you reflecting on yourself; the cosmic you, the universal You. The outside world seems to be a reflection of you, of your inside. Do you realize that everything you are aware of is a mirror unto yourself? And if so, what do you want to see reflected?

Remember: if you can see that everything is metaphor, you can create your own vision. No knee-jerk reactions, no belief systems, no cultural norms, laws, or rules can take that away from you.

Metaphorsight is the ability to see that reality is not entirely what it appears to be, and that you can determine for yourself what you think of it.

This refers not only to the ‘mystical,’ expanded state of consciousness where nothing is real, where time doesn’t exist, where all life is sacred, and the universe is one and you are it; but to the intellectual, occult, interpersonal, and divinatory abilities that can be carried over from higher consciousness to empower you every day at any moment. You can have metaphorsight at all times, simply by being mindful of the labels that you put on your perception. And then play with those labels.

Apple good, girl fat, wind nuisance, sun hot– SHUFFLE SHUFFLE – apple fat, girl hot, wind good, sun nuisance.

If you leave the meaning of an experience, or even a fixed aspect of your daily routine, open, you can reinterpret its meaning to suit your will right here and now. Instead of following the unquestioned patterns, the status quo, you define and redefine your sense of what’s real.

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