What is High Programming?

High Programming is a term based on the concepts of self-metaprogramming (as taught by Dr. John C. Lilly, Dr. Timothy Leary, and Robert Anton Wilson) and  mythogenesis (as described by Joseph Campbell). A metaprogram, or ‘high program,’ is a set of cultural instructions built into the brain. It is a means of control – similar to how Windows, Macintosh, or Linux programs run a computer – and it helps determine your behavior and your experience of reality. Higher consciousness, which opens up the world of high programming, allows you to confront and change your metaprograms.

For further reference see, for instance,

Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer” by John C. Lilly

Prometheus Rising” by Robert Anton Wilson

How to Go Out of Your Mind and Come Back Again” by K P vd Tempel