Psychedelically induced mystical experiences

What can you expect to get out of a psychedelic experience?

If all goes well, you will experience a genuine altered state of consciousness. For some, it will mean entering some form of mystical state or god-consciousness. Broadly speaking this means a wildly different, deeper, and lasting understanding of the self, reality, and existence, and perhaps even a complete but temporary dissolution of all boundaries between self, reality, and existence.

There are many things you can experience during a trip. Bliss, or ecstasy. Ego-death and rebirth. Self-knowledge. Oneness with reality. Synaesthesia. Heightened senses. Altered brain functioning. Awareness of everything being alive. Telepathy. The stopping of time. Complete love for all beings and for yourself. Intuiting the answers to just about all the ‘big questions’, like Who am I, Why am I here, and What should I do with my life? And more.

Have a look on wikipedia for their description of a psychedelically induced mystical experience, and read below for some excerpts from my thesis. This is not exhaustive information. I recommend reading as much as you can from as many different sources as you can before making up your mind.

From my thesis:

Mystical experience, Expanded Awareness, Self-Realization, or Higher Consciousness:
This is a general term for something that escapes definition. In a nutshell, it is the experience of being much more conscious, or aware, than in ‘normal’ consciousness; of being everything, the ALL, totally undifferentiated, even from this page and the electrons that constitute it, and it can therefore not be contained in a word. Alternate names include enlightenment, illumination, religious experience, epiphany, transcendence, ascension, opening the third eye, ultimate reality, tripping, self-metaprogramming, mythogenesis, and more.
According to Walter T. Stace, a philosopher who has greatly influenced the study of mysticism since
the 1950s, there are five shared characteristics of mystical experience. They are 1) a sense of objectivity; 2) a feeling of blessedness; 3) an awareness of the holy; 4) paradoxicality; and 5) ineffability. Ineffable means that it is incapable of being put into words. You cannot say “mystical experience,” or any other name to describe it, and fully convey what it means.

Mushrooms provide an incredibly powerful transformative experience packed into just a few hours. There are tried and tested methods of tripping, but there simply are no guarantees of the sort of experience you will have. This course represents the best way I know of making it happen, based on my own experiences and years of study, learning, and communication with other guides.

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